Red Crab Dip

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Heat up your taste buds with this indulgent appetizer.
Give a warm and hungry welcome to True North Crab Dip. This dip is packed with our delicate wild-caught Uruguayan Red Crab Meat and perfectly blended with a mixture of cream cheese, goat cheese, and spices. True North Crab Dip is frozen and conveniently packed in an oven-safe and microwave-safe tray for ease of preparation.

Expertly curated for at-home comfort.
  • Wild-caught red crab meat
  • 18g of Protein per 125g serving
  • Oven-ready and microwaveable
  • Produced in Canada

Red crab, cream cheese, mayonnaise, goat cheese, lemon juice from
concentrate, worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, modified tapioca
starch, minced garlic, pepper, chives, seasoning.

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